DavidBransfordMD -Developmental LDs

Powerful lecture from the TED series just received and I will attempt to post it. New technologies of the human brain showing misdiagnoses of ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Leaning Disabilities. This seems to be true science and not the unproven, extremely expensive scams of several “experts” that often receive TV interviews on the popular Networks. This research TED lecture on video re: Developmental Learning Disabilities and rationale is well worth viewing the 7″ TED video.

2 thoughts on “DavidBransfordMD -Developmental LDs

  1. What a breakthrough for the world of brain technology and diagnosis! Think of all the people that could have led normal lives in the past if this would have been discovered earlier. Unfortunately, as you said, it is so expensive; an average family could never afford it. I am truly amazed at this discovery and certainly would be interested in the process that they went through in discovering it. Thank goodness for dedicated and caring doctors. Has this technology been tried in the U.S, I wonder.

  2. I wish I could have this scan done, as my history is really murky and it would be nice to have some facts.

    My History:
    1989 – birth
    1994 – speech dyspraxia
    1998 – behaviour disorder NOS
    2007 – anxiety NOS & mood disorder NOS
    2008 – Asperger’s Syndrome
    2009 – anxiety/depression (dx by GP, not at all clear)
    2010 – ADHD combined type, ASD, major depression

    Working meds:
    Celexa 40mg/day
    Ritalin 20mg three times per day

    Past reactions to meds:
    Vyvanse (induced depression)
    Cymbalta (induced depression)
    diphenhydramine (restlessness & insomnia)
    orphenadrine (restlessness & insomnia)
    acetaminophen/30mg caffeine (much greater stimulation then expected for a small caffeine dose)

    I’ve found Ritalin to be great for focus & motivation, but does little for impulse control. It has me wondering if there’s something that’s been missed.

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