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I have followed online many “fan websites” of so many musician/songwriters. If I restricted myself to just medical sites, medical listserves, and spinoffs such as Psychiatric Service Dog sites, I would be missing out on my foremost advocation of the world of music.
With the many official and unofficial “fan sites” on the web, by far the most meaningful is so much more than fans. Thanks to two individuals setting things in motion, the site has grown from less than 100 abt 5 years ago to over 1200 in 2010. It is global with so many dedicated members. They help each other out as the Band tours the Country and European Countries, Australia, etc. They has contributed to many humanitarian causes that the Band supports. It is clearly one of the greatest resources I have encountered for the world of music. Although I am not a high volume poster on the website, I read it almost daily and it keeps me in touch with not only other members around the globe, but the many daily performances and personal history of the BCB Band and their extended family. A strong personal thank you to the founding members who have volunteered so many hours thru the years. It restores my faith in mankind.
Brandi Carlile has had some big dreams. They are coming
true. For those who missed it, the Band performed this
on the South Lawn of the Whitehouse on the 4th of July

Her Final “Thank You” number to AgainToday.com

3 thoughts on “DavidBransfordMD Blog AgainToday.com

  1. Thanks for the “shout out”, David. The fansite has been a labor of love for us. We look forward to going to shows to see our AT.com friends as much (if not more) as to see the band’s performance. We are glad you are a part of this site.

  2. Beautifully written, David. I second thanks to those who launched (and maintain) AT, as I know I wonder at times where I would be without in my life. You are right to put “fan sites” in quotes – AT.com and its members are much more than that, for I don’t know of any other place online that has so much drive, passion, and consideration for the individuals who meet there under. The founders, the vets, the mods – they pass on the example of the individuals in the band and put into practice human decency and familiarity. Thank you, again. It is a community I am proud to know.

  3. David, thank you for putting so much sentiment into words! I know a lot of other ATers feel the same way. The community has truly saved my life!

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