Over the past several weeks, more coverage from the Media (press and TV) has been emerging.

Over the past several weeks, more coverage from the Media (press and TV) has been emerging.

Apparently ABC with Diane Sawyer did a special last week on the excessive psychiatric medicating of foster children. Weeks before that broadcast, bloggers were busy posting and magazines were printing the same theme..but with not enough outrage from the various Human Services Departments of the States, in my opinion.

Today, the Huffington post ran an important article @

Last Week, http://www.Healthland.Time.com published – thanks to Maia ! (@maiasz on Twitter)
Foster Children and Psychiatric Medications !
I could post numerous other examples, but the facts remain that the information is public, but there seems to be no known course of action to make major changes in the practices of over-prescribing these often dangerous medications to non psychotic children – seemingly using the meds as “chemical straightjackets” for behavioral control.

TransOrbital Lobotomy - an accepted method of treating "psychiatric illness' until early 1960s

There have been suggestions at a State Level that antipsychotics can only be prescribed to minors after a 2d opinion from another psychiatrist. But I fear that is so cumbersome and no guarantee the practice will cease. For the Big Pharmaceutical Companies, it is so profitable. And for the Treatment Homes, too convenient for establishing “tranquility”

Suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated !

Please Help !

Its a Hard Knock Life !

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