David Bransford MD – I would rather be Salmon Fishing !

I'd Rather Be Fishing for Salmon!

Very early this morning, after midnight, I checked the website of 1boringoldman….not expecting his Sunday Post yet at that early hour. But it had been a very active day, interacting with bloggers via Twitter over the all too common concerns about the reliability of various studies, specifically in the field of Psychopharmacology. The LA Times has printed an article regarding antidepressants and the potential risk of suicidal thinking/actions in adolescents..with numerous concerns about the researchers and the reporter. Same general themes regarding credibility, conflicts of interest, etc. Much of the recent discussions have intensified with the Blog of http://www.DavidHealy.org and the release of his Pharmageddon new book. I was growing tired, but still motivated. One quick switch to 1boringoldman’s Sunday post and it was all right there. See here:

The definitive work regarding Janssen, Risperdal, TMAP, and so much more!

With years of concern, months of expecting the Landmark Trial in Austin, Texas of Janssen (JNJ) versus the State of Texas, and weeks of daily updates from professionals at the Court House blogging, it seemed like it was finally over, once Janssen settled for about 150 million dollars. Then the questions of why did they cave, why did they settle for a relatively small sum, instead of going to trial over possible over a billion dollars in the State of Texas alone? Questions continued to fill the twitterverse and then-very early this morning – Dr Poses’s post seemed to bring some closure for me personally. Not that the “overweight” opera star has sung…but at least some temporary time out.
So after reading the reports, I was thinking of Chicago the Musical..having seen in on Broadway and, of course, the Movie. But this was not entertainment the way Broadway can be. This was (and is) about young children being harmed by well intended, but misinformed clinicians, Social Workers, Foster Care Provider, and Parents….and so much more .
Opening Fishing in Minnesota is usually about Mid May of each year….using in conflict with the Annual American Psychiatric Association meeting – This year in Philly.
I plan to be fishing, in spite if the weather in true Minnesota Tradition. Thanks to the many bloggers that have made this big step a reality.

Opening Fishing in Minnesota - typically Mid May

Health Care Renewal Blogspot on the Texan TMAP, Risperdal, Janssen, and more


Chicago the Musical – Razzle Dazzel Em – (sorry. could not resist – too similar to BigPharm)

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