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Having trained as part of my Psychiatry Residency in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, “chemical dependency treatments followed the “Minnesota Model” in the mid 1970s, with 28 day inpatient -12 Step Models for Adult Alcoholics, Methadone maintenance for Heroine Addiction, and some very prolonged inpatient hospitalizations for adolescents. For my training, it began at the Minneapolis Veterans Hospital with young adults my own age, returning from Viet Nam – with Poly Drug Dependencies and narcotics the most troublesome to treat. It was the Age of Aquarius – as well – with a very colorful time-with influences from Haight-Ashbury—Woodstock-like outdoor concerts in Wisconsin-and then by early 1970s – indoor Rock Fests in St Paul – usually at the old St Paul Civic Center (Elton John – Halloween 1974, as one of many superstars to perform) The Promoters were under a great of pressure to keep the fans under control. As had been learned from the earlier Wisconsin Outdoor Concerts. Street Drugs were a major concern. That is how many of us in medical school and residency programs became involved…Hired as First Responders by the promoters, We combined with U of Wisconsin staff and were in charge of talking people down from “Bad Trips”, triage work for those having taken narcotics and alcohol, PCP aggresions, physical fights, —-bottom line for us was to keep people alive– and for the promoters…not losing their permits for future concerts.
The U of MN Medical Crew withdrew in the late 70s when it become apparent more harm was coming from the Security Guards than the drug and alcohol abuse. Without Medical backup, the large, poorly controlled concerts were not granted permits.
I could continue for hours with the dynamics of the concerts, the drugs, the violence; but I think more important is to review our “CD” treatment programs and some very important changes brought to my attention by experts I greatly respect via my Twitter Feed. Recall in the field of Medicine,”First Do No Harm” is our primary rule. Yet I still work with individuals that were traumatized by inpatient adolescent hospital based “evaluation and treatment programs. These now young adults show signs of severe PTSD, brought on by being placed in treatment centers..signed in by the courts or by a parent…..usual ‘drug of choice’ – “cannabis”

How to find best drug treatment for teens

Maia on what really goes on in Rehab 2-15-2013 Most Recent Update from Maia of Time.com

Lots of Rage in these young adults and adolscents

Thank you so much to Maia and Dirk Hanson for their expertise — both very accessible Twitter
Both with many scientific books, articles, and online presence @maiasz @Dirk57

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